Sun Wukong, also known as the
Monkey King is a monkey who
was born out of stone
and possesses magical
powers and strength ...
The legend of the Monkey King explains how he helped protect Xuan Zang, a monk, on their journey to India in order to bring back Buddhist holy books to China. To protect Xuan Zang, on their 10-year journey, he fights 81 legendary creatures, defeating them one by one ... using his incredible Kung Fu skills.
The Monkey King knows 72 transformations and can change into various animals and objects. He knows magical spells that help him command wind, part water, freeze objects and even control other gods. He can split his hair to make clones of himself!
His strength is so immense he can lift his 18,000 pound magical staff. Besides his strength, he is quick on his feet and can travel at 34,000 miles per hour ... faster than any airplane.
He is extremely playful and always ready for fun. Come join him on his new adventure at the Monkey King Playhouse! - Where kids can explore the jungle maze created just for the Monkey King!